12 July 2009

Zapomniane Kartki z Kalendarza (Kwiecień-Lipiec)

"Oh, London is a fine town,
A Very famous city.
Where all the streets are paved with gold,
And all the maidens pretty."
-George Crabbe, "Heir-at-law", 1797
"Work hard, deal honestly, be enterprising, exercise careful judgement, advertise freely but judiciously."
-Sir Thomas Lipton's credo
"I have not passed a day without loving you. I have not passed a night without enfolding you in my arms. I have not taken a cup of tea without cursing the glory and ambition that takes me far away from my soulmate."
-Napoleon Bonaparte in a letter to Josephine, March 30, 1796

"The world is full of genies
waiting to grant your wishes."
-Percy Ross, 1917-2001

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