09 May 2007

Gratulacje dla Alicji

Co prawda film "Trade" wchodzi na ekrany amerykanskich kin dopiero 7 wrzesnia, ale juz teraz mozemy przeczytac w The New York Times, ze Alicja Bachleda-Curus jest jedna z "The Ones to Watch". Ponizej wklejam fragment artykulu na temat Alicji:


May 6, 2007
Breaking Through

Alicja Bachleda-Curus
The 23-year-old Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus has had a busy career in Eastern European film and television since she was 16. Now she is about to make her American debut with an indelible performance in "Trade" (Sept. 7), as a victim of international sex trafficking. Although the movie's narrative is fiction, it was inspired by "The Girls Next Door," an article by Peter Landesman that appeared in The New York Times Magazine in 2004.
"Trade," which stars Kevin Kline, runs on dual narrative tracks that ultimately converge. One concerns the ordeal of Ms. Bachleda-Curus's Veronica, a young mother from Poland, and Paulina Gaitan's Adriana, a 13-year-old Mexican. In the other, Mr. Kline's federal insurance investigator, for reasons of his own, helps Adriana's older brother, played by Cesar Ramos, trace her captors to a house in New Jersey, where her virginity will fetch a high price.
Thanks to Ms. Bachleda-Curus, the victims' story has its own dramatic tension. Hoping to make a good life for the son she has temporarily left with her mother, Veronica believes she has found work in America through an agency. But the agency is a front for a Russian-Polish trafficking ring that uses Mexico City as a transit point to the United States. The terror starts minutes after her arrival in Mexico, when she and other young women are quickly deprived of their passports and hustled into a van, around the time that Adriana is snatched from her bicycle by other members of the ring.
The strength of Ms. Bachleda-Curus's performance lies in its rigorously contained desperation. Because much of "Trade" plays out in a milieu so vicious it feels like an extra circle of hell, her character functions for the viewer as a sort of spirit guide. But Veronica is a complicated Virgil. Behind her subdued facade the stages of her ordeal register in small gestures and her quietly expressive eyes.
Listless and glazed after the kidnappers rape her and threaten to seize her son in Poland, she rouses herself in response to the terrified Adriana. Later, with the reflexive care of a woman used to cleaning up messes, she helps a girl who has vomited, and the night that they cross the river into the United States, she is the first to slide down a steep bank into the black water below. Gradually and, if anything, more desperate than ever, Veronica has become heroic, and Ms. Bachleda-Curus has expressed her evolution in such subtle increments that her strength is a revelation. Her gaze has become discreetly watchful, searching for weakness in her captors and any means of escape.


Pozostaje wiec juz tylko oczekiwac na premiere filmu i trzymac kciuki za kolejne sukcesy Ali po tej stronie Oceanu. :)))

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